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Adriana Lima’s

Competition - ISC 2023 los Angeles

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Ensure your spot and compete for the Adriana Lima’s 


Registration: $50


All Competitors need to purchase a performers’ pass.


Registration must be completed by July 5th.

There is no registration at the door.


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Trophy + Sash, Malandro Shoes. Sol de Janeiro gift Kit

Medals, Sol de Janeiro gift Kit

Medals, Sol de Janeiro gift Kit

Adriana Lima’s Competition 2023



All choreographed routines must consist of 80% recognizable Samba (emphasizes on Malandro style) dancing and music; any other dance style is permitted for the remaining 20% of the routine. If a non-Samba style is incorporated into a competitor’s routine, the music will need to be pre-approved by Samba N’ Motion to ensure this limit is not exceeded.

Competitors must maintain their chosen Samba rhythm throughout their routine. Competitors can choose to break forward or backward as long as this is consistent throughout the routine.


The music used by competitors for the soloist must be between 1:15 minutes and 2:00 minutes in length. These music length limits include any optional entrance and/or exit music. Competitors need to provide send the music to 

containing only one track with their competition music. The DJ will not slow down or speed up music for any competitor.



Samba N’ Motion reserves the right for any photography or filming during the competition/event.

Samba N’ Motion will not accept responsibility for loss or injury to persons or possessions in relation to this event.

Scoring Criteria

The following scoring criteria will be used for all competitors:

Timing: 20%

Presentation, Choreography,Musicality: 20%

Difficulty & Technique: 20%

Samba no Pé: 40%

Ensure your spot and compete for the Adriana Lima’s 

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