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Unlimited access to class collection

+ 4 live class per month

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ISC - Subscription works!

We are a community passionate about samba and Brazilian culture.

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Collection of Classes

Recorded lessons from past events every month 4 classes are added to the collection.



Four staturdays a month we will have a live class whit one of the teachers of the international Samba Congress


News, trivia and Knowledge about brazilian cultere and ISC.

What You are entitled to by subscribing to ISC Online:

vip Group

Access to th facebook vip Group

% of discount
of ISC

10% of discount of ISC FULL PASS

Live Class

You can watch the videos on your Smatphone and computer.


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The Biggest Samba Congress
Outside of Brazil, Now on the
Tips Off Your Fingers

Recorded classes, live workshop, one-on-one advisory sessions and lots of content about brazilian culture

No worries, we have you covered! You have a 7 day-Unconditional Guarantee after you sign for you to check out all the recorded lessons already available in our platform and request a refund if you are not satisfied or of the ISC community is not the one for you.ons and lots of content about brazilian culture

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